Thursday, June 11, 2015

 My week was amazing!!  We had some meetings, a little bit of rain, and other stuff.  Did you know that people use flood irrigation?  Look it up, it's pretty crazy.  My apartment is tiny.  Smaller than my last one.  Two rooms, one bathroom, and four elders.  But it's great!  The ward, Mezona ward, is pretty sweet.  I love the people, and everyone signs up to feed the new missionary!

We got to go play on a huge jungle gym today, that was pretty sweet.  My companion will send pictures.
I have not used any sunscreen yet, but after today, I think I will start.  It was HOT!  And it didn't help that we went and played on the jungle gym.  You can probably look it up, it's called Riverview park, Mesa AZ.

Tell Will that he'd better brush his teeth, or they will start falling out.  I'm going to try to send his birthday letter tomorrow, i'll include something about it ;)

Thanks for being mom!

--Elder Watson--

Monday, May 18, 2015

  Sorry if my Emails are short this week, I'm trying to think of what I did..
Friday it stormed and rained a ton, so we stayed at the stake center after weekly planning and did family history work.  Combined elder Proctor and I found over 1,000
 ordinances to be completed!  In about two hours!  it was crazy.  So you and dad will be receiving a few temple cards in the mail before too long that I expect to be done by the time I get home ;)
I love and miss you all, and I'm glad that Cal, Will, and Grant got to go camping!  Above that though, I'm glad that Dad got to take them.  Those memories will stay with them all forever, and I'm SO happy that Dad took me camping when I was their age.

Love, --Elder Watson--

Check out the size of these grapefruit!  They are fresh and so good!  The mission home has some grapefruit trees so when they are near the mission home, they always ride by to pick one to eat.
Clean sink and dishwasher!!!

Thorn in your tire doesn't really turn out very well.  :(